Two hundred and fifty years of excellence

These days, when the perfume industry is increasingly dominated by heavily advertised international brands, it comes as a refreshing surprise to discover that there still exists a discreet family-owned perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original fragrances of extravagant quality. Operating from it’s luxuriously appointed boutique in Paris’ 8th arrondissement, the House of Creed has been for many years one of the best kept secrets of the perfume world, patronized by the seriously rich, chic and famous. From Heads of State to celebrities from the film and music industries, Creed’s client list reads like an international Who’s Who. Over the years the Creed family has produced over two hundred perfumes, all original and hand-made, often creating fragrances for the exclusive use of their wealthiest customers.

The House of Creed was founded in 1760 when James Henry Creed opened his first shop in London. It rapidly became a favorite of the aristocracy and soon Queen Victoria appointed Creed as an official supplier to the Royal household. Eventually Creed was adopted by all the courts of Europe: Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie of France, Franz-Joseph and Elizabeth of Austro-Hungary and Queen Christina of Spain. In 1854, under the patronage of Empress Eugenie, the House of  Creed moved to Paris where it established a firm reputation for the rare beauty, quality and exclusivity of its fragrances.

Today Olivier Creed, direct descendant of James Henry Creed, continues this great tradition as Createur Parfumeur and President of the House of  Creed. In France, or traveling abroad, he personally selects the purest rose essences from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco as well as Italian jasmine, irises from Florence, tuberoses from India or genuine Parma violets. Creed also manufactures their own essences using the traditional infusion technique, now abandoned as too costly by the modern perfume industry. Wherever possible, Olivier Creed insists on using natural essences instead of the synthetic ones used increasingly by large perfume companies these days. This enables Olivier Creed, a perfectionist, to preserve the originality and superior quality of his fragrances. The components are then weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered, all by hand, before being shipped to only the finest department stores and specialist retailers worldwide. Now available in the U.K., Creed fragrances offer all those who appreciate excellence the opportunity to rediscover the art of fine fragrance.


In France the term “Millesime” denotes a product of extra fine quality. Creed’s “Millesime” fragrances contain the highest percentage of natural essences to be found in the French perfume industry. They continue to be produced largely by hand using time-honored techniques in the highest tradition of classical perfumery.

All the fragrances in the “Millesime” range are of Eau de Parfum strength and therefore more complex and long lasting than Eaux de Toilette.

Millesime Fragrances for Men

AVENTUS – Reminiscent of venture and adventuring, Aventus is a heroic fragrance that is for the bold, spirited and confident. The intrepid explorer, the conquering warrior within all of us.

As the bottle motif suggests Aventus’s roots are very much in classicism however the fragrance itself is contemporary, forceful and roaring with energy.

Creed Aventus


Top note blackcurrant blends, with bergamot from Italy, whilst Calville Blanc apples mingle expertly with fruity pineapple.

The middle notes burst with roses, blooming amid dense birch. Jasmine blossom and patchouli combine to add to this woody but heady centre.

At the base is oak moss and ambergris and a light touch of vanilla, the final flourish of a sophisticated and intelligent, powerhouse-pairing of perfumers.

Green Irish Tweed – This beguiling blend of floral, green and woody notes has achieved cult status around the world. Verbena, Violet Leaves, Florentine Iris, Sandalwood and Ambergris are subtly orchestrated to create a fragrance that is virile, elegant and irresistibly charming.


Erolfa – A prodigiously long lasting “oceanic” fragrance inspired by the intoxicating freshness of sea air. With Tangerine, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Ambergris overlaid with an invigorating “ozonic” note.


Bois du Portugal – A rich, warm and very masculine concoction of exotic wood and spice notes. With Cedar, Sandalwood, Lavender and Vetiver.


Neroli Sauvage – A symphony of tangy citrus notes including Orange Flower (Neroli), Bergamot, Petitgrain, Lemon and Grapefruit married to the earthiness of Sandalwood and Ambergris. Fresh, zesty yet warm and enduring.


Tabarome – A fragrance for men who aspire to be leaders, Creed Tabarome has the essence of success in every drop. Tabarome Millesime was commissioned by a legendary British statesman who loved fine brandy and highest quality cigars. The name “Tabarome” honors the pinch of finest tobacco aroma that gives this fragrance its English club luxury.


A sensual yet very masculine scent whose heart of Sandalwood, Jasmine and Vetiver is lifted by lighter, fresher top notes of Ginger, Mandarin and Lemon and underpinned by a warm and lingering Tobacco and Musk base.

Himalaya – Olivier Creed found the inspiration for this majestic, complex masculine fragrance in the rugged beauty of the world’s highest mountain range. Spicy, woody heart notes conjure the aromas of Nepalese villages while the fresh citrus top notes reflect the cool freshness of the mountain air.


Original Santal – Although Sandalwood underpins this fragrance it is woven through with other woods and aromatic herbal and spice notes which gives it a very contemporary appeal.


Original Vetiver – A delicious balance of fresh, green and sensual wood aromas. Vetiver from Haïti is at its centre rounded by Sandalwood from Mysore, Musk and Ambergris. However this is not a traditional Vetiver – Creed’s creation has a very contemporary clean character provided by its citrus top notes and the White Pepper and Coriander in its heart.




In France the term “Millesime” denotes a product of extra fine quality. Creed’s “Millesime” fragrances contain the highest percentage of natural essences to be found in the French perfume industry. They continue to be produced largely by hand using time-honored techniques in the highest tradition of classical perfumery.

All the fragrances in the “Millesime” range are of Eau de Parfum strength and therefore more complex and long lasting than Eaux de Toilette.

Millesime Fragrances for Women

Fleurs de Gardenia – catches all the magic of the bloom of the gardenia flower, translating it into a fresh, crisp floral Millesime perfume which is sure to become the highlight of your CREED collection. Youthful and dazzling, FLEURS DE GARDENIA sparkles with spicy green top notes of galbanum, blackcurrant buds and pink pepper. The heart is a superb orchestration of pure white flowers – gardenia, oriental peony, rose and lily of the valley – chosen as much for their romantic associations as for their heady scent.


A lightly musk base also features aromatic cedar and a touch of patchouli for a superbly long-lasting effect. FLEURS DE GARDENIA is the pinnacle of romance and sophistication.

Love in White – is a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers combining the first blooms of spring (Magnolia, Narcissus and White Hyacinth) with Fresh Grass on a base of White Iris from Florence, Rice Husk, and Vanilla to add depth and longevity.


The result is a sensationally fresh, creamy, floral composition, full of energy and optimism.

Love in Black – In 2006 the House of Creed released its most successful fragrance to date, Love in White, to wide critical acclaim. Love in Black is a mirror image, with the emphasis firmly on seduction rather than innocence. Love in Black is a lush floral oriental with an intense dark and musky heart built around Violets, Iris, Blackcurrant and Rose.


Acqua Fiorentina – is a vibrant, fresh, chic, elegant, luxurious and supremely feminine fragrance. Inspired by the Italian city of Florence: the glory of its art and the sensual beauty of the Tuscan countryside in which it is located. The bottle recalls Renaissance style with embossed pink roses tumbling down its shoulders while the juice is clear due to its ingredients: Greengage, Plum and luscious blooms from the farms, gardens and orchards that surround the city.


Spring Flower – Vibrant fresh green notes combined with succulent fruits including peach, apricot, melon and apple shimmer over an exquisite floral heart of jasmine and rose. A subtle musk base provides just the right note of playful sensuality.


Fleurs de Bulgarie – A gorgeous and sophisticated fragrance made from the rarest Bulgarian rose essences with ambergris and musk to provide depth and tenacity. Based on a Perfume created by Creed in the nineteenth century for Queen Victoria.


Fantasia de Fleurs – A rich and ebullient floral bouquet with Bulgarian rose, Florentine iris and an infusion of ambergris.

Fleurissimo – Originally commissioned for Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco. A soft and feminine composition of rose and tuberose subtly enhanced with violet leaves and Florentine iris.


Tubereuse Indiana – A subtle and feminine floral fragrance with Indian tuberose, Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang, vanilla and ambergris.

Vanisia – Seductive and mysterious. Top notes of jasmine and rose give way to the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla.

Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie – Based on the formula of a fragrance originally created in the 19th century for the Empress Eugenie of France. An aristocratic blend of citrus top notes over a rich heart of Italian jasmine and Bulgarian rose and a warm powdery base of sandalwood and super absolute of vanilla.

Millesime Fragrances for Men and Women

Royal Oud – is ambiguous and mysterious; earthy, exotic and sensual in turn, enhanced by base notes of legendary, costly oil of oud. Using ingredients which have been prized in the East for thousands of years, ROYAL OUD celebrates the glamour, spirituality and eroticism of oriental perfumery: spicy fresh top notes of lemon, pink pepper and bergamot entice into a dark deep heart of angelica, bitter green galbanum and Lebanese cedar.

At the base, revel in the beguiling warmth of sandalwood and musk. Finally, surrender to the bewitching, sultry enigma of oud which complements the galbanum, and graces this unique fragrance with Creed’s legendary tenacity.

Virgin Island Water – Intoxicating tropical summer scents, sculpted in the Trade Winds, danced across the water, while on deck, father and son drew inspiration, both visual and olfactory, from the tropical palette before them.

Virgin Island Water is a delicious cocktail that will whisk you away to the Caribbean where life is gentle and serene and fragrance rides the breeze.The fragrance of coconut milk and sensual ylang ylang flowers lulls you into a tranquil reverie while the punch of crisp green lime juice is as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. Virgin Island Water is a tonic: joyous, uplifting, full of laughter and flirtation.

Millesime Imperial – Launched in celebration of Creed’s 140 years as a supplier to the Imperial Courts of Europe. Exotic wood and musk notes are unlived with a refreshing marine note. Presented in a special “Antique Gold”glass bottle.

Royal Water – a clean, uplifting, deliciously natural-smelling cocktail of citrus fruits, aromatic herbs, pepper and musk.

Silver Mountain Water – Inspired by the crispness of mountain air and the purity of cascading alpine streams. With, Green Tea, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Musk and Ambergris.


The ultimate passport to scent: A covetable line-up of new fragrances inspired by wanderlust and the infinite search for the world’s finest ingredients

Using the world as its laboratory and frequent travel as a source of ultimate inspiration, The House of Creed debuts a collection of five refined fragrances that capture international exploration and the finest raw materials. Each new fragrance harnesses the brand’s signature infusing technique, capturing the highest concentration of natural essential oils and the spirit of adventure that has become the hallmark of the family’s sixth generation master perfumer Olivier Creed’s creations.

“The Acqua Originale Collection is very personal to me,” explains Olivier Creed, The House of Creed. “I’m very curious by nature and as I travel around the world, each trip inspires me to create. When I leave a place I love, I long to capture its essence in a bottle. That’s how this new collection was born – many years and trips in the making.”

These new scents take the wearer on an international journey through the deft nose of the world’s most coveted perfume dynasty passed down from father to son for seven generations. Creed is the only fragrance house that uses a 4,000-year-old infusion

technique. This labour-intensive process preserves the integrity of each scent’s ingredients without using preservatives. The result is raw and rare materials gathered across continents that have been steeped and distilled by the expert hand of the Creed family.

Each juice is presented in a charming bottle that evokes the wingspan of a transient bird – a symbol of discovery. The bottle was designed in partnership with Pochet de Courval, the 400-year-old luxury French glass bottle maker and long-time House of Creed collaborator, and created using their signature hand-blown glass process. The fragrances are then hand-poured into bottles at the Creed factory near Fontainebleau, and ready an essential finishing touch – the hand-stamped cap featuring the signature fleur-de-lis crest.

The Acqua Originale Collection is Master Perfumer Olivier Creed’s living fragrance journal of countless global journeys with the fine art of perfumery as the narrative. Perfect for the fragrance devotee who admires unique natural essences with fine craftsmanship at its core, discover the collection now:

Asian Green Tea

Born from Olivier’s appreciation of Japanese art and culture of the Far East, this refined citrus juice opens with green, golden notes evoking the landscape of Malaysia, one of his favourite Eastern countries. The fragrance bows with sparkling bergamot, mandarin and essential oil of lemon petitgrain, then uncovers a fragrant floral bouquet of violet, heliotrope, rose and sweet cassie blended with the region’s ritual –green tea. The finish is a warm melange of amber, sandalwood and musk.

Cedre Blanc

An ode to the intense green accords of the American forests, this juice captures the woodsy floral scents found in the untouched beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia adored by Olivier. Beginning with fragrant laurel, spicy cardamom and bitter galbanum, the scent reveals transparent floral notes of geranium, water lily and jasmine leaving a base of Virginian cedar, vetiver and sandalwood.

Aberdeen Lavender

A tribute to Creed’s early client and endearing patron, Her Majesty Queen Victoria, whose heart lay always in the Highlands of Scotland. Olivier created this oriental fougére as a historical nod to the Creed archives and the Queen’s beloved picturesque retreat north. Mysterious anise-flavoured absinthe, rosemary, bergamot and lemon give way to a bouquet of annual lavender – flowering in the same year in which it is sown, sumptuous tuberose, iris and full rose. Dark, dry patchouli, smoky leather and vetiver complete the unique dry down.

Vetiver Geranium

The Island of Java, Olivier’s favourite destination east of Bali and just south of the equator, served as inspiration for this aromatic adventure. Vetiver, that adorns the mountainous rolling hills of its native landscape, is paired with the sensual, soothing essence of geranium to create a vibrant juice. Handpicked crisp granny smith apple, bergamot and lemon make a luminous debut, while warm cinnamon and rose lead to hearty patchouli, cedar and relaxing amber.

Iris Tubereuse

A shimmering white floral that combines the romance of Tuscany and the exotic allure of India – bringing together two of Olivier’s favourite places in one luxurious juice. Delicate iris – one of the most expensive raw materials gathered from the root, fresh galbanum, tender green violet leaf and orange open the scent. Indian tuberose – the finest in the world collected by moonlight, follows with ylang ylang and lily of the valley to create an unforgettable bouquet.