Jamal perfumery was established in England in 1980 by husband and wife Indian perfumers, Ismaeel and Aamenah Jamal. They arrived in the UK from  British Colonial Nyasaland who initially set up the business from their home in Leicestershire.

Jamal is renowned for producing some of the worlds finest bespoke alcohol-free Attar scents and is the only perfumery in the UK specialising in this craft.

The craft and tradition of producing attar scents has passed down through generations and continues to be upheld and practiced to this day by our perfumers in creating scents using traditional processes and high quality ingredients.

Drawing on their heritage, techniques and formulas passed down through the generations their aim is to create a perfect symbiosis union of attar and modern-day perfumery, enabling them to offer a complete wardrobe of scents suitable for every occasion and personal lifestyle.  Jamal Perfumers is ushering a new era of attar scents  ‘Eau d’Attar’TM and perfumery experiences. The House continues to be Led and managed by second generation chemist and perfumer, Mohammed Jamal.

We are delighted to showcase the range of Jamal Fragrance in our York & Gainsborough stores.