On the morning of my Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson at Browns York, I awoke to find an angry spot right in the middle of my chin. First challenge for the makeup artist! Thankfully, as soon as I met Jo, who would be teaching me the tips and tricks to successful makeup application, I was put at ease as she talked me through the stages of the lesson with confidence and clear product knowledge.

Firstly, she introduced me to different skincare products that Bobbi Brown offer, including the ‘Intensive Skin Supplement’ which made my face feel hydrated and cleansed. Jo explained that all of Bobbi Brown’s skincare included primer to keep your makeup looking fresh and smudge-free all day.

As I have a lot of redness and freckles on my face, Jo wanted to achieve a medium-coverage with a natural glow for my face. After matching up my stick foundation and concealer shades (both Porcelain), Jo used an Alabaster-tinted moisturiser to give a subtle and dewy complexion to my usually dry and patchy skin. She then used a small amount of powder to pare down my T-zone, giving my skin a lovely, balanced finish.

When applying blusher in the past I have always been scared to use bright pops of colour, as my skin already has reddish tones in places. Jo encouraged me to try Bobbi Brown’s new ‘Pot Rouge’, which can be used as both a cream blusher and lip tint. The colour was called ‘Pretty Powerful’, a bright pink shade, yet when blended it looked and felt fantastic. Jo also applied this to my lips which brought the makeover together and gave a great base shade to my skin.

Cheek_Palettes_Hot_Collection_SS15_CMYK (1024x1024)

A lip gloss and balm were then applied to give an opaque shine over the rouge. When maintaining my brows, I’ve always been nervous to experiment with shaping and shading, so Jo used a subtle brow powder in the colour ‘Saddle’ to give my eyebrows a defined arch.


For my eyes, I usually tend to wear a light, shimmery shadow with a bit of mascara as I wear contact lenses. Jo explained that Bobbi Brown makeup wouldn’t interfere with my contacts and persuaded me to try a gel liner in ‘Caviar Ink’ colour. The eyeliner was long-lasting and looked great against the blend of shadows I’d chosen. Jo completed my makeover with Bobbi Brown’s ‘Smokey Eye Mascara’, giving my eyes a wide awake look.

Overall, the experience was fantastic and I shall definitely be going again to try more of Bobbi Brown’s complementary lessons.