Robell – Trousers and Jeans for All Women

At Robell we know that women are different.


This is why you’ll find our trousers in a large selection of styles and colours as well as fashionable prints. There is something for every taste – whether you’re into a classical look or a more trendy expression.

We design trousers for all types of women. You will find plus size trousers, skinny jeans, cropped trousers, and lots of other styles – all of which are graded by professional constructors to fit the individual sizes. This way you are guaranteed a perfect fit – no matter your size and shape.


The trousers are produced in a variety of fashionable colours and prints as well as the more classical colours that will never go our of style. The more trendy trousers are made for women who want a fashionable look while the more neutral colours are targeted at women who seek trousers with a perfect fit that will always be in style.

European Produced Trousers and Jeans

All of our Robell trousers are designed and produced in Europe. This way we are able to guarantee you a high quality product – every time you buy a pair of Robell trousers.


All of our trousers and jeans are made in durable materials so you are able to wear them season after season.

Robell is everyday luxury for women who do not want to compromise when it comes to look or comfort. Whenever you buy a pair of Robell trousers, you are guaranteed a high quality – at reasonable prices.


Robell is available from Browns York, Beverley and Gainsborough Stores