More than just a moisturizer.

Great 8™ is your all-in-one solution for healthy, glowing skin. More than just a moisturizer, Great 8™ is packed with 8 great benefits: designed to protect and perfect the look of skin. Protects against the damaging effects of sunlight, blue light, infrared and pollution, as it hydrates, purifies, brightens and fights excess oil. Its lightweight, semi-translucent gel melts onto skin, no white cast or residue. From sunlight to blue light and beyond, Great 8™ has you covered.

Meet Great 8™


  • UVA/UVB: Broad Spectrum SPF 35
  • POLLUTION: Protects against damaging effects of pollution
  • INFRARED: Minimizes damage of Infrared radiation exposure
  • BLUE LIGHT: Protects against the effects of blue light


  • HYDRATE: All day hydration!
  • BRIGHTEN: Leaves skin with a luminous healthy glow
  • PURIFY: Helps eliminate free radical damage
  • OIL CONTROL: Controls excess oil, visibly minimizes pores with continued use

What is Blue Light?

You may not know it, but blue light is all around us. Also known as High Energy Visible rays (HEV), recent scientific studies suggest that blue light may contribute to premature photoaging. Great 8™ is formulated with powerful ingredients to protect against the damaging effects of blue light.

PS: Did you know blue light penetrates the skin more deeply than UVA/UVB rays?


Why you need this

  • Time saver: multi-tasking 1-step skincare solution
  • Not a typical SPF: goes on clear…no white cast or residue!
  • 8 great benefits: From sunlight to blue light and beyond, Great 8™ has you covered


The Anywhere, Antime Multitasking Skincare Line

The newest addition to the cult classic Eight Hour family, Great8™ carries on the tradition of innovation and practicality combined.



  • After 1 use*
  • 92% of women agree skin looks radiant
  • 92% agree skin looks healthy
  • 86% agree skin feels smoother
  • 90% agree skin feels refreshed


In 1 month*

  • Skin tone appears more even
  • Pores appear minimized
  • Skin looks brighter

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Based on a US consumer study of 58 women