Find Your Perfect Match With The Ordinary Foundations

Serum Foundations

Serum Foundations are lightweight medium-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations offer moderate coverage that looks natural with a very lightweight serum feel. They are very low in viscosity and are dispensed with the supplied pump or with the optional glass dropper available for purchase separately if preferred.


Coverage Foundations

Coverage Foundations are full-coverage formulations available in 21 comprehensive shades. These foundations contain higher pigment levels than other Serum Foundations but still offer a smooth finish that avoids the heavy makeup look that can make skin appear more aged. The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream.

Unique pigment suspension system for a highly saturated effect

The pigments used in coverage foundations are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect. However, the way in which they are suspended in the serum means they resist collecting within fine lines and stay on for longer. The unique suspension system used in the formulations also allows shades to look so natural on skin that three shades or more will suit most skin tones.

Compatible with primers for a semi-matte finish

The foundations offer a semi-matte finish and are compatible with most primers. They are designed to work exceptionally well with the primers offered by The Ordinary.

Non-chemical sunscreen for a light-weight look

Coverage Foundations offers SPF 15 protection. This is achieved without the use of chemical sunscreens and only through physical protection from Titanium Dioxide. Additionally, no nano-particles are used to achieve this sun protection. These attributes are unique in foundations because it is exceptionally difficult to create a natural, lightweight look and consistent shades when using only non-nano forms of Titanium Dioxide for sun protection without any chemical sunscreen agents.

Available in a comprehensive range of shades to suit your skin tone

Each foundation format is available in 21 shades. The shades are divided into three categories: 1 for fair to lighter tones, 2 for medium tones; and 3 for darker tones. Each category is then classified further by a second digit from 0 to 3 to indicate depth within each category. Finally, a letter is added to the shade code to identify the undertone: P (Pink) and R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively; N indicates a Neutral tone; Y indicates a Yellow undertone. Each shade code has a descriptive name as well. For example, 1.2P is Light with Pink Undertones while 3.0Y is Medium Dark with Yellow Undertones.

Three of the shades have an additional letter at the end: S indicates Silver highlights and G indicates Gold highlights; these shades use natural-looking and exceptionally fine dispersions of metallic effect pigments for added highlight. The Ordinary will introduce individual enhancers and highlighters in the near future to customize all shades.


To find which of the 21 shades is right for your skin tone, come into store and find your perfect match. You’ll be able to try the product and admire the natural look given by the foundation’s suspended pigment system