• The band around the bra should feel firm, but comfortable.
  • Always make sure the bra is fastened on the loosest hook.
  • Make sure the cups do not come up too high under the arms, as this may cause discomfort during wear.
  • The whole of the breast should fit nearly into the cup, with no excess flesh behind the cup or over the top of it.
  • Wires and boning must lie flat against the body and go around the contour of the breast.
  • The centre front of the bra between the breasts should lie flat against the body.
  • Straps should be adjusted to support the breast.

If in doubt, always ask a trained lingerie fitter to check the bra before purchasing.

Please be aware that you won’t be the same size in all bras.

Take a look at our fit guide, filled with a selection of bra’s we stock: